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Nuova MG, Design and Production Hydraulic Cylinders.

That of hydraulic cylinders, known Also coming Martinetti Plumbers, And The Fundamental Sector where Nuova MG operates today and in Whom boasts experience SPECIFICATIONS, That allows the company, led From Margaria family, to offer a pre-established catalog Completing parts, Next to New projects, Going to cover a range of size varies Components.

If the components of a catalog consolidate the activities carried out over the years, the Special Projects Are The Fruit of orders resulting from Customer Operating in various sectors of the Applied Mechanics, come What of industrial machinery, trucks and Other Means of Transport . The specialization in the sector of hydraulic cylinders characterizes us always, on a predominantly Italian Market and consists of a customer that requires careful planning to the quality of components and strictly respectful of ted Functional Objectives.

With about eighty PEOPLE What operating at the company, EVERY year they come from the factory in Nuova MG about 20,000 hydraulic cylinders. That which amazes immediately inside the plant and the automation level, the What transpires in the Presence of a Large machine tools and machining centers, SOME of what custom for the Performing a Full production cycle, from raw material to Finished component.